Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Anika, as you may know, is a treacherous wench and evil traitor. She took the side of the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Superbowl. Seattle has treated Anika well. Would Pittsburgh have allowed her to just dump food on their table? Would Pittsburgh provide a wooden Orca statue for her son to climb on?

I think not.

Janie knows what side her bread is buttered on.

But, I am tempted to forgive Ms.Anika after receiving this email from her yesterday.,.....

dear shari,

i love you with all my love. and in my heart i was cheering for seattle because, well, they were cuter and funner and better. but in my pocketbook i was cheering for pittsburgh. i am not a traitor, i promise!

please accept this poem as my apology:

i love shari
she's cute as a fairy
and makes me laugh
i wish she was on my staff
i cheered for the wrong team
and now i want to scream
that i'm sorry

love anika

It's hard to be mad after something like that.


At 9:58 AM, Blogger Ant said...

Awww - I thought the gesture of her donating all her winnings to a charity of Shari's choice was particularly sweet...

*evil grin*

At 10:52 AM, Blogger anika said...

Thank you, Shari, for forgiving me. I'm cross-stitching the poem on a pillow for you in thanksgiving =)

At 11:35 AM, Blogger Janie said...

that girl does have a way with words!


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