Tuesday, January 24, 2006

What We Did This Weekend

On Saturday I hosted a Rave for 6-8 year olds.
Well, actually no I didn't. It was monthly game night, I hosted this month. We played a rousing game of Canasta. A game I have never, ever won. Since I have white hair now you would think I would be better at old people's games. I am not.

On Sunday we had our first sunny day after continuous rain for 36 days. I am not kidding. Seattle had their continuous rain interupted at 28 days, but luckily enough I live a bit farther south and we broke the previous record of 33 days, set in 1958.

I don't exactly know why she is standing like that. Helps her concentrate I guess.

Sophie almost got smacked down by a little remote control flying airplane. Right after the near-fatal attack, it got stuck in the top of a tree. If you click on the picture you can see the little boy's Dad climbing up the tree right in the middle (look for his red shirt). He actually got the plane out finally. The engine was still running.

I had a few other pictures but Blogger has decided that this is all for now.


At 9:14 AM, Blogger Ant said...

Please tell me that the next few photos capture the moment when, as he moved further along the branch, it bent down to the ground... all ending in a comedy pyoinnng! - sending the plane into the next state...

At 10:22 AM, Blogger melissa.in.london said...

Now THAT'S parental dedication.

My kid loses a kite or airplane, that's just too darn bad. It'll teach them to value what they have. Or something.

(I don't do heights.)

At 12:49 PM, Blogger Sherri said...

I've noticed that you are NEVER in any of the pics you post. Any reason???

At 1:08 PM, Blogger Shari said...

Oh, that would be because of my congenital deformities. I am much to horrible look at.

And also because I really hate pictures of me. I am really cute and pictures of me aren't. Even my friend Megan says pictures of me look nothing like me.

Thank God. Let me tell ya.

At 2:27 PM, Blogger Janie said...

what a brave soul. i think i would have phoned the fire department. maybe i hot fireman would have come to the rescue. :)

shari, yes, you are very cute, and beautiful! and i like the pics of you with us just fine!!

At 3:57 AM, Blogger Squishi said...

HOLY CRAP - 30+ days STRAIGHT of rain??? Couple that with snow and I'd be OUTTA there baby - OUTTA there.

I rather enjoy my pacific island dwelling I am doing now even more now i've heard that.

30+ days of rain... bizarre~!


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