Saturday, December 16, 2006

To A Friend...

Megan's birthday is today.

I thought and thought about what to do. Gift? No gift? We frequently have discussions regarding the sheer folly of relentless and unnecessary gift giving, so it makes it hard. And she is not the type that I would just easily buy a silly trinket and call it good.

So, my dear Megan, I will just give you these words....

I remember the first time I saw her - I immediately knew I wanted her to be my friend. Do you believe in friends at first sight? I do.

It was the first day of kindergarten for Maya. I was one of those upset Moms, trying to be brave. I felt terrible that I was the only Mom crying. Then I looked across the playground and there was this woman, gathered around her were three of the most beautiful and sweet children I had ever seen. Her hand was resting on the oldest daughters cheek and they were all crying.

immediately I knew that she understood how I felt. That she was the same type of Mother I was. Not better than any of the other Mothers, but just more... exposed.

I secretly watched them throughout that year. Her children had a different look about them. If we had been in the British countryside they would have not looked out of place. Their cheeks were rosier, their clothes simpler yet more beautiful than any of the children around them. And in their eyes was a glint of something secret, something wonderful that only they knew. You almost felt that if you peeked under their hair you may find the pointy ear of an elf or a fairy.

We finally did become friends and I was able to glimpse the world that they lived in that caused that special light in their eye. It comes from the unwavering understanding that they are children that are loved beyond belief. I know of no one that works harder to demonstrate just how special her family is to her than Megan.

Her demonstrations of love are constantly visual. I have the same feeling for my children that Megan has for hers, but I approach it in a different way. I tend to drop everything to give my kids the chance to actively experience something. Megan surrounds them with the tangible and visual comforts. They are both wonderful ways of being with and loving your children.

But I have to say that her way is outwardly more beautiful.

I find that I compare myself to her, and often find myself lacking. I want to be like her. I want my children to dress like hers. I want my house to smell like hers. I want to listen to more music and watch less TV like she does. I want to bake more often. I want to care about the little things like she does.

I want more time to just be around her.

Megan, you are the most amazing woman I know. I don't just say that because it's your birthday...I mean it. You make me want to be a better person.

Happy birthday.


At 1:29 PM, Blogger Kingfisher said...

I never got a birthday present this good.

Questioning your parenting, finding yourself lacking, and wondering what more you could have done are all signs of good parenting.

And proof that you aren't really lacking at all.

At 4:16 AM, Blogger Ant said...

A lovely tribute.

Happy birthday Megan!

At 4:14 PM, Blogger Olivia said...

That's a lovely birthday present. I love it when the power of words is used this way.

At 8:03 PM, Blogger rennratt said...

What an incredible gift.

Happy Birthday, Megan. You have an amazing gift: Sheri is your friend!


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