Thursday, March 23, 2006

Resume Entry - August 24th, 2005 - January 3rd, 2006

After working in the call center at REI for EVER, it seemed, I finally got an oppurtunity to get a chance at a Headquarters job.

I had been whining to my supervisor for months. I couldn't stay at this job much longer. The pay was not enough. The hours were horrible. I would get my girls up at 2:30 am, haul them to their babysitter's house, put them back to bed and then go to work. But, I also knew that it would take an act of God or total monetary desperation to get me to leave this company.

I was rapidly approaching the latter.

I had noticed a job posting for a Temporary Legal Administrative Assistant. It had been posted a few times, but I ignored it. The job description was incredibly long and intimidating and I just assumed that there would be no way I would be considered for the position. My supervisor (insert many thanks to her here!) convinced me to apply.

I interviewed and miraculously got the job. I did, however, use my "I was a truck driver in Alaska" story. It's a great story. Irresistable to prospective employers.

I was covering for someone on maternity leave, so I knew it was truly temporary - but I won't lie. I was hoping that she might not decide to come back and her job would just automatically become mine.

It was a good job. Nice pay. I was supporting the General Legal Counsel of the company. She was great to work for and I loved all my co-workers. But really, the job just wasn't me. I need socialization! People! Excitement!

What I got was leases! Litigation! Paperwork!

When I learned that the maternity leave was in fact going to be temporary I was thrilled and scared all at the same time. I could automatically go back to my previous job.

Back to the bad pay.

Back to those crazy hours.

Then it happened. The job that I originally wanted all along was posted. I needed that job. I wanted that job.

And for my financial and emotional well-being that job was a necessity.


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