Friday, May 27, 2005

My Birthday

You know that "Best Day Ever" that happened not too long ago? Well, I must say that it has happened again! Yesterday was my birthday, which immediately qualifies it as an awesome day. I do not buy into this "Woe is me, I'm getting older" bull that so many people do. What a terrible way to spend the day that you were brought into the world. I find it the height of low (?) self esteem. (Maybe that should have be depth of low self esteem).

I had an incredibly short work day, an appearance really, which was great. When I came home, I pulled into my driveway I saw a huge package and a beautiful potted flower. My greatest friend Megan, (hi Megan!) left it for me, and she is so smart that she got me a Coleman stove for camping with my girls this weekend. It is exactly the perfect gift. Because

  1. I was thoughtful and illustrated that she actually listened to me prattle on all month about my camping trip.
  2. I was going to borrow hers, and there is always some concern about borrowing other people's nice stuff.
  3. It wrapped up nice and made an impressive package with not only it's sheer size, but weight. (Big things come in small packages? pshaw!

THEN, I left to get my daughter from kindergarten, and when I came back to the house there were MORE flowers and a card sitting on my front porch. Mickey, my older (we like to call it more experienced) friend with red hair and a thing for Tom Selleck, left me a great big bunch of Mums. (PSSST.... Mums the word, but I love mums).

So, obviously all I wanted to do is leave my house all day so I could return to presents. I didn't, however, because I had to try to figure out how to pack for our camping trip . I'll tell you what, trying to fit 2 coolers, 3 camping chairs, a 4-person tent, a tarp, a blanket and pillow, 3 sleeping bags, a coleman stove and various necessities- like a totally reasonably sized watermelon- is almost impossible to fit in a Ford Festiva hatchback. I think I am about ready to start strapping things to the top, although, even the reasonably sized watermelon could change the center of gravity of a car that size and send me rolling down the road, end over end, like a tumbleweed of festiva-ness. I plan on taking pictures of the finished product, and try to post them after we get back.

And that's not all! At the end of the evening, another friend dropped by and brought me a whole flat of gerber daisies (a favorite of mine). So now, my back yard Eden is shaping up quite nicely. The front of my house is so beautiful right now, I have three rose bushes blooming like crazy and am waiting with great anticipation for my sweet peas to wind themselves around my fence and bloom and smell good and do all of the things that sweet peas do best.

So, to sum up, awesome birthday! Great day! And wish me, the kids and the reasonably sized watermelon luck on our weekend adventure!


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