Friday, May 13, 2005


Things I Dislike

10. Marzipan
9. Living on a continent with no native marsupials - marsupials are very interesting.
8. Math (because it never turns out right)
7. Ignorant Fools
6. The fact that any sensation I feel on my hands becomes concurrently magnified in my collarbone.
5. People that suck the life out of you with their bad attitudes the minute you walk into a room.
4. The sound of ice coming out of plastic trays.
3. Spiders
2. Belly Buttons
1. Water Chestnuts

Things I Like

10. Ducks
9. The underdog
8. Brussels Sprouts
7. Math (Because it never turns out right)
6. Surprises
5. Telling people exactly what I think of them and then laughing really hard to trick them into thinking I'm kidding.
4. People who can tell funny stories (ex. David Sedaris ,who is a genius)
3. Hand massages
2. The fact that my hair went from stick straight to curly for apparently no reason.
1. The feel of my children's skin.


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