Monday, May 16, 2005


Actual jobs I have had:
  • Working various jobs on the family ranch including - driving tractor, feeding cows, various haying activities, cattle vaccinations, branding, ditch burning, flood irrigation, cattle drives, etc.
  • Bartender/server/cook at "Lively's Bar and Grill"
  • Driving a dumptruck down an Alaska beach buying tons of dead salmon from native fisherman.
  • Medical Transcription
  • Bicycle shop salesperson
  • Working in a head shop
  • Restaurant bookkeeper
  • Restuarant manager
  • Financial loan officer
  • Assistant manager of a finance company (aka dirty loan shark)
  • Mary Kay consultant
  • Lackey that loaded UPS trucks
  • Customer Service Representative at an outdoor equipment company

Things I would like to do:

  • Garden for old people.
  • Take care of people's feet.
  • Anything to do with rocks.
  • Name lipstick, race horses or clothing colors.

Things that I am good at:

  • Diagraming sentences.
  • Drawing molecular structures of chemical compounds.
  • Being around people.
  • Causing people to take their life less seriously.
  • Blowing noodles when they are about to boil over.

Okay, so I am ONLY 32 (10 shopping days left until my birthday) and there is no rhyme or reason to my life. Just wondering if anyone out there sees any sort of pattern, or an obvious direction in which to go. Even a good way to make all this sound good on a resume would suffice.


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