Saturday, May 21, 2005

The Best Day EVER

Yesterday was one of those great days that just keeps going and going and going. Most of my days are pretty damn fantastic, I must say, but it was just a bunch of little touches that catapulted it into greatness.

  1. My paycheck was more than I was expecting due to some overtime and bonuses! Always a source of joy, that is.
  2. My workday was full of great people who actually had a sense of humor when they called.
  3. I was able to work in the words "Kamchatka Peninsula" into one of the calls that I took. That always makes me feel smart.
  4. I came home to 2 letters in my mailbox. They were not bills! Whoo-hoo! One was from my chiropractor and another was from a woman I met through my job. She sent me- unsolicited mind you- a burned CD of awesome music. It included Natalie Merchant, a disturbing rendition of "Ring of Fire" sung by Billy Bob Thornton and some great Zydeco cuts. Speaking of Zydeco...... (flashback music, cue swirly flashback vortex)

When I was living on the family ranch after I came home from college, a man by the name of Dago (Day-go) wandered into our little town. He was a very interesting man for a number of reasons. He was Cajun (I had never met a real live person of Cajun persuasion), he did not talk my language as far as I could tell, and he had come all the way from Looosiana with two mules named Crystal Gail and Loretta Lynn. True story.

5. I got to pick up my tent and two sleeping bags for the girls. More info to come on this ...

6. It was my favorite weather and lighting all day. Dark purple clouds, insanely heavy rain, then bright sunshine, then rainbows, then rain again. Awesome.

7. I found really cheap guinea pig food at the farm supply store. I was able to get them a huge bag of super fancy food for only $7. They (Frere Jacques and Sunny Cisco) now think I love them even more than before. It never can hurt.

There were two things that tried to bring my day down. The first was Evil J having a bit of a fit regarding, well, everything.....again. And the second was Dave (stupid Dave) cancelled the camping trip to Packwood because everyone else wants to go to the ocean. Dumb ocean. But, here is the good news.... I could give a good god damn what J thinks, and I will camp with my girls in my front yard if I can find no other place to go. So there. Ha.


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