Thursday, May 25, 2006

Guest Blogger

Once again, I am super busy....but never fear! Maya, the guest blogger is here!

I Won 10,000 Bucks

On spring break, while I was listening to Kid's Choice on TV I got a phone call. He said I won 10,000 bucks! At first I thought I was dreaming. But I wasn't. It was for real.

He said I could only spend it for three hours. Right after the phone call I went shopping. At the game store I bought a Game Boy Advance and an X-Box 360. I got a bed frame, new clothes, a hot tub, earrings, shoes, and a trip to the King Oscar Hotel.

Right when I got home the three hours were up. He called me back and said, "Did you spend all your money?"

I said, "Yes, and I've made room for all my stuff."

The End

I love her list of things. A bed frame?

The King Oscar Hotel? There is a back up story there.....on her birthday a few years ago I took the girls, each on their birthday, to a hotel with a swimming pool so they could spend time with me alone and swim and eat food out of vending machines and get ice out of the ice machine.....etc.

It was a grand time.

Maya chose the King Oscar Hotel. It is right off the freeway and not at all fancy, if you know what I mean. But she thinks it was the most luxurious place she had ever seen.

Here's a brochure. It looks much better than it is in reality......(scarily enough - check out the bedspread on page two!)


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