Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Commercial Irritation

I hate the commercial about OnStar that has children saying things like,

"What will you do when my little brother Timmy is slowly dying and you don't have OnStar?"

"If we get in a terrible accident, no one will help us but OnStar."

"Let's put locksmith's out of business! OnStar can unlock our doors!"

"In a few years, you will wonder what you did without it." (this is the only true direct quote)

Well, maybe they don't say exactly those things, but they want to.

AND THEN, there is the Philadelphia Cream Cheese commercials touting cream cheese as having 1/3 FEWER CALORIES THAN BUTTER! But have you ever noticed how much cream cheese they are putting on the bagel? My god! Just imagine slathering butter on that thick! I'm sure you would actually be at least doubling the calories/fat of butter. Stupid marketing people. Unfortunately, there are people, I am sure, that have jumped on that bandwagon.


And McDonald's? They are now marketing to the younger crowd. In doing this they make sure to talk like idiots in the commercials. Is no one pissed about this? I'm lovin' it?


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