Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Not Playing Fair

Okay, so I am all weepy today - as referenced in the last post. And my best friend in the world (who took the pictures of the girls and went with on the trick or treat cavort-fest last night with me) wrote this in the email that she sent along with the pictures. It has made me even more leaky in the eye area. (She is great because she offered to take pictures for me because of the evil camera stealing bastard.....and many other reasons.)

Anyway....this is what she wrote....

OK… Here they are.
I hope I did this right.

Last night was exhausting, but lovely. I feel as though I have much to learn from you. You are a wonderful mother.
Talk to you soon.

This comes from the woman who I wanted to be friends with long before I ever met her because I loved watching her with her kids at the school playground.

A compliment like this from her is like Einstein telling you that you are smart.



At 10:16 AM, Blogger Sherri said...

You're lucky to have a friend like that.

And stop being so weepy dammit! :)


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