Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Bad, Bad Thing

I have been enjoying posting my pictures from our crazy, crazy weekend jaunts. But guess what?

I lost my camera, I think.

Here is what happened (in chronological order)...

  1. Took the mother-out-law to dinner.
  2. Took some pictures over Chinese food.
  3. Put camera down by the sugar caddy.
  4. Dropped my keys between the immovable booth and the wall.
  5. Asked waitress for coat hanger with which to fish out keys.
  6. Was personally unsuccessful in fishing out of the keys.
  7. Got up so the MOL could give it a try.
  8. She did it.
  9. I walked up to pay the bill.
  10. We left.

I am almost positive I didn't put my camera back in my purse. I went back to the restaurant a day later and it wasn't there. I think some horrible person took it. I hate them.

It actually made me cry and I had bad dreams about it.



At 9:44 AM, Blogger anika said...

It would make me cry, too ... I'm sorry, Shari.

At 7:55 PM, Anonymous megan said...

You'd think the theft of a camera wouldn't feel so personal, but man, I know it does. I think it's because cameras are capable of capturing images and storing them. A kind of memory machine.
You are going to be ok about this soon. You will go about your life and you'll get a new digital camera (we got ours at a garage sale!)The rotten person who took it is another story...


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