Monday, August 29, 2005

The Protection of Voldemort

I was all ready to expound on He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (Voldemort from now on….) and give you a bit more info- but then…..out of sheer boredom (this new job is challenging only in spurts) I did a Tarot Card reading online. It was actually really fun. Let me know if you would like me to refer you there. You will get 100 Karma Coins! It’s like free psychic money!! And I get no tarot junk mail either (it's like they know I don't want any..).

And here is the part that just killed my whole blog idea for the day - a direct quote from my "Love Celtic Cross" reading……

"The card in the Loved One position refers to how you might perceive someone you are now or soon to be involved with. Alternatively, it may point to an archetypal energy source within yourself, which supports your ability to experience deeper love.

When the Page of Swords (in some decks, a Princess) is in this position, it would be better if you refrained from reporting to anyone else what is up with someone you care about. Sometimes this is because your friend is a private person who does not want everything he or she tells you to be passed on. At other times it is because there is need for discretion due to social protocols that need to be observed before conclusions are formed or announcements made."

So, there you go. I can't tell you. Nope. Don't even ask.


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