Saturday, July 30, 2005

Things I Do at Work

I try not to make a habit of blogging much about work and all. I don't want to get "dooced", but sometimes something happens that is just too good to pass up.

I have been here since October and have mainly been a Customer Service phone gal - got a problem? Call me, I can fix it. Well, I now am also an online gal now. I email, I live chat, I answer calls - is there anything I can't do?

The phone is great because I like talking to people. Most everyone that calls is very polite and patient. No problems.

Being online and answering emails and live chats is a bit different. I think I like live chats the best. Spontanaeity without any direct personal contact. Perfect.

So....I get this email at 4 am.

"I have another question. As I said to them bought a product that was costing(worth) 30 + 19 $ or 49$. But in my card me 40 have loaded + 30. Might they say to me to which this owes? "

So what the hell do I do with this? (Besides make fun of it) Here is my first knee jerk response to this customer...

"In answering of your question, I would at first ask one if one's country of orgin is a country which might be having of extra and additional tariff and custom charges. Your possible and additional questions might be well directed to 555-444-1234."

But I didn't.


At 8:55 AM, Blogger J- said...

Thank you, come again!

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