Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Fairies and Medieval Dentistry

Maya and Sophie lost a tooth within about 3 minutes of each other last night.

Maya has been patiently working on hers for about a week. She will wiggle, dab on orajel with a q-tip, fold a napkin into a neat little square and tug gently and persistently on the tooth. She is a bit nervous, and this process includes much eye-rolling and Lamaz-like breathing.

Sophie just wants to catch up.

Her tooth was a bit more....how you say.....attached than Maya's. This does not sway her determination one bit. She actually asks me to pull it. "Twist it Mom!" I did, she bled, the tooth was still there.

When Maya was victorious in her tooth-pulling endeavor, Sophie brought out the big guns. She resorted to the oragel and napkin approach. NO ONE was going to get the "I just lost a tooth" spotlight without her there to share it. She yanked that tooth out like a medieval dentist. I swear, there was still much of the root left on the front side of it.

When the tooth fairy thinks you're especially brave, well-behaved or good at cleaning your room - she will bring a book instead of money. (They like them better than money right now.....cool, huh?) They both got a book this morning.


At 12:55 PM, Blogger anika said...


I think it's hilarious that your daughter was so brave while my son was sooooo scared to even let me near the wiggly tooth!


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