Saturday, July 16, 2005

Empty Nest Syndrome

My kids are going to Montana for three weeks. Three weeks! The exclamation point here is not meant to convey excitement. Contrarily, it is supposed to convey angst and despair in the highest form.

I do not worry for them, because they have gone by themselves before. They fly comfortably by themselves and feel quite proud. Also, there is so much to do on a Montana ranch, as far as my little town-raised girls are concerned, that I also do not worry about them becoming bored or homesick.

It's me. All me. I will miss them. People keep telling me things like, "Oh, you are going to love having all that time to yourself!", and "Let's go out and do something!".


You see, I love being their Mom. I am good at it. You know when people say that when you find a career you love, you will never feel like you are working a day in your life? (see "Resume" post) I know that most of my friends and aquaintances don't understand this. They are always saying things like, "Being a single Mom must be SO hard." Well, here is the surprising truth people, it's not. Not at all. The alternative is what totally sucked eggs.


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