Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Maya the Magnificent

I have mentioned a few things about my daughter Sophie in this blog, but not a ton about Maya. She is my oldest and equally as fantastic as her sister. Totally different, but equally fantastic. While Sophie is a total nut and will do anything for a laugh, Maya is quiet and sweet and very athletic. While Sophie would be labeled as adorable, Maya would be labeled as gorgeous. She just has that air about her. I need to brag on her for a bit. I feel that I have been lacking in stories that involve Miss Maya. (Being fair is important to me. I used to line up all my stuffed animals on my shelf and sleep with them in turn. I didn't want any of them to feel left out. But I don't care what you have heard, I never once applied this concept to men!)

Because of my job, I am often getting up at 2:45 am and waking the girls to take them to a babysitter. Not the best situation, I understand, but unavoidable if I want to be employed. My girls are troopers! We always pack their bags the night before, set out their slippers and have blankets at the ready. However, I was not able to find Sophie's right slipper last night. I solved this problem by putting slipper socks on her. These keep her warm and toasty, but I was forced to carry her to the car.

Maya was a bleary-eyed and did not notice that I was putting the socks on Sophie. When we walked out the door she finally noticed (probably because I was carrying her) and said in a concerned voice, "Oooh, what happened to Sophie's slippers?" Now this is hard to convey the full extent of her concern. Just imagine the tone that is in someone's voice when they say, "Are you feeling sick?" and then imagine the tone when someone says, "Oh no, have you broken your leg?". Maya was concerned enough about the slipper scenario to use the latter tone.

It just reminded me what a great and loving person Maya is. At 3 am and at 8 years old, it is pretty amazing for any kid to be concerned about anything but themselves. She is selfless, kind and a great sister (and daughter). I am honored to be her Mother.


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