Monday, June 20, 2005

Continuation of the Me List # 41-50

  1. I am in love with Tom Brokaw. Seriously.
  2. I also think Prince is incredibly sexy. Go figure.
  3. My favorite punctuation mark is the ellipse......
  4. My favorite artificial flavoring vacillates between lemon and orange.
  5. Orange is my favorite color because I feel sorry for it, not because I love the artificial color of the same name.
  6. I had a Jello cookbook as a child and made every recipe in it.
  7. My kids hate Jello.
  8. My daughter Sophia has a freckle on the back of her right ear lobe. Sometimes I get scared at night that maybe it has faded or something, so I sneak into her room and check to see if it's still there.
  9. Maya has a birthmark shaped like a lightning bolt on the back of her neck. I told her, with a very straight face, that she may possibly be getting a letter from Hogwarts in a few years.
  10. All perfumes or other scents that I wear must have an overwhelming tendency towards grapefruit.


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