Thursday, June 09, 2005

Long Live Love Hemophiliacs

After listening to this song I have decided that it is my new theme song. My favorite line is "I don't have to make love, 'cause love made me". Reminds me that a celibacy celebration is rapidly approaching. If you are unfamiliar with my infamous celibacy celebrations (plural: celibacy celbrati) I promise to explain in an upcoming entry. My last theme song was "Bad Mama Jama", which I must say is still very fitting. If you don't have a theme song of your own, get one. Very important.

Also, I realize that anything that I consider romantic is also bloody and tragic. I guess that I equate love only with the willingness to bleed profusely. For example, one of my favorite songs is 1952 Vincent Black Lightning , another example of the dichotomy of death and love that I so adore.


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