Thursday, August 16, 2007

Sophilina Jolie

I am so busy right now that the option of taking time out for a blog entry is not really there.

Occasionally, however, something happens that is just too good -so amazingly blog-worthy that one must stop everything that they are doing in order to tell the world.

Last night, after I came home from work, I sat talking to Mickey (the nanny) before she went home. It is always good to have a recap of the day and find out ahead of time if there were any issues that need to be addressed right away. Maya was down the street playing at a friend's house and Sophie was in the bedroom watching a movie.

I am used to always being interrupted by the girls when I get home. The hugs! The kisses! This time I didn't get a hug or a kiss from Sophie. She just walked up to my chair with her hand over her mouth, holding out the digital thermometer that had registered her internal temperature at 99.0. I distractedly assured her that she would live through this horrific low grade fever and waved her off to continue talking with Mickey.

After Mickey left Sophie removed her hand from in front of her mouth and then asked me, “Do my lips look really big?”

Oh my God, her lips were so huge that I thought she had been stung by a bee or was having a horrible allergic reaction. They were easily 4-5 times larger than normal and stuck out beyond her nose. HUGE. It was like Angelina Jolie with a terrible collagen job.

Apparently she had been watching a movie in Maya’s room and had finished drinking her glass of juice. Throughout the 1 ½ hours of the movie she had been doing the “suction the juice glass to your face” thing – over and over and over again. Not only did it suction itself to her face, but it sucked most of the blood from the rest of her body into her lips. She must have been pretty aggressive about it because she has some hickey-like broken capillaries all over her chin to top it all off.

She was so embarrassed that she wouldn’t let anyone in her room as she iced her gargantuan lips down. It took almost two hours for them to return to a semi-normal state.




At 5:39 PM, Blogger tiff said...

Daggone it! I was hoping for some real pics. :> Still, she's cute as all get out.

At 12:19 AM, Blogger Ant said...

That is too funny! :o)

I used to do that suction-glass thing all the time, but I always chickened out when I got a tingly feeling round my lips...

Poor lass - broken capillaries you say? Don't think she'll be doing it again then...

At 9:48 AM, Blogger rennratt said...


Funny AND tragic.

Please reassure her that ALL kids do this...

At 1:41 PM, Blogger Kingfisher said...

My brother and I used to do something similar.

Once, way back when, old cartoons replayed incessantly after school, with plots involving tipsy men and veiled references now considered rascist. In one, Popeye fell into a box of dinnerware while moving Olive Oyl. He stood with giant teacup earrings, and dinner plates in his lips, a la some African tribeswoman.

We thought it was hilarious. For the rest of the Cartoon Hour, we pulled our lower lip down our chin, stretching and holding it. When our father came home from work, he was flabbergasted by two sons with lower lips like an elephant's vagina.

At 11:07 PM, Blogger Squishi said...

That is the FUNNIEST (and most horrible) thing ever.

Tooooooo funny, and way too cute :))

At 1:47 PM, Blogger trinamick said...

Oh man, we used to do that too. We'd get that lovely ring around our mouths and lose feeling in our lips. My mother had a fit and swore that one day the glass would stick to our face permanently.

Good thing bee-stung lips are in right now. :P

At 5:47 PM, Blogger Janie said...

lol, i'm so glad i took the time to go back and find this post.


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