Monday, July 30, 2007

What We Did This Weekend - Hairspray

I am now officially crazy in the work department. When you think it can't possibly get any busier, you are often proven wrong.

This weekend was spent with the girls - home, finally, for an entire weekend! I also have Grace for an entire week, so things are also quite busy on the home front.

But so busy as to not go see "Hairspray"!

The girls were excited because Linc was being played by Zac Efron, a young hottie that they all have a thing for at the moment, and I was excited because I just love, love, love this musical. I think they did a wonderful job. I haven't been to a movie when the crowd actually interacted with the characters on screen since I was really little (and terrified) in the middle of a theater full of yelling and fist-pumping "Rocky" fans. That was just weird.

The best part was seeing it through the girls' eyes, though. They were amazed at the prejudice and the fact that interracial relationships actually posed a problem. When I told them "There was a time when black and white people could not dance together on TV," I might as well have told them "Before you were born the sky was a light shade of green." It was wonderful to see.

Sophie told me before the movie started that "That guy that plays Danny in Grease is going to be in it -dressed up like a GIRL! You know who I mean - that Johnny Revolta guy?" Then, later on that evening when we were home, she started belting out the song "Good Morning Baltimore". There was only one little problem....she sang it "Good Morning Voldemort". Mixing out movie metaphors a bit?

The rest of the weekend was spent doing laundry and mowing the lawn. No good picture opportunities - sorry!


At 2:24 PM, Blogger Ant said...

I really want to see this, but I fear my stereotypically blokey friends won't. So alas, I must wait for the DVD. Though I'm intrigued - how were they interacting with the film?

Photograph your laundry and post it up here. You know what I'm talking about...


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