Monday, October 10, 2005

Internet Searches

I have discovered the strangest thing. You know that I can stalk anyone who comes to this site by my sitemeter thingy?

Well, okay, maybe not stalk. But, I can see how many people looked at my site and what referred them to me.

The MSN search engine is weird y'all. (Or maybe the MSN searchers?)

Here is a snippet of some of the searches that have referred people to this site.....

"how to self induce vomiting" (sad, sad, sad, please don't)

"my dog swallowed a chicken"

"my dog swallowed a bone"

"pictures of women vomiting on each other"

And that is just a few of them. All from MSN searches. What the hell is wrong with the world?


At 4:08 PM, Blogger Sherri said...

It's a sick, sick world we live in!

At 12:28 AM, Blogger margalit said...

Yeah, but can you find out who that stranger from MOdesto CA is that visits my blog about 20 times a day. Or who all those AOL users are?

Drives me batty that you get a touch of info, but never enough. Sitemeter, tell me who the visitors ARE.


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