Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Dangerous Waters

Okay, it happened again.

I promise I won't do this to you anymore. At least for awhile anyway.

I had another dream.

This one also centered around water. The girls and I were playing in an old, drained, in-ground swimming pool. There were a few inches of water in the bottom and we were sitting in it. The rest of the pool was painted bright blue (what is it with the water and the blue things?).

Voldemort appeared on the side of the pool and wanted to join us. I started yelling that there was no water in the pool. I was scared that he would dive in and hurt himself - you know, with the blue paint and us sitting on the floor of the pool, I'm sure that it looked as if the pool was full (?).


He climbed in and, I did not notice this fact before - he was naked. Nude. Birthday suit.

Unfortunately, all I saw at this point was the typical "Kevin Costner Butt Shot". But I liked it. It was good.

Then, we were at a party with another couple. We started doing that new-relationship-kissing-in-front-of God-and-everybody thing. I opened my eyes and saw that his eyes were open too. Sadly, his eyes were open in surprise. Bordering on horror.

I stopped kissing him.


I am obviously going insane and a year of celibacy is beginning to wear me out. Help me. I can't stand it anymore.


At 5:20 PM, Anonymous shannon k. said...

Try Googling "dream interpretation" or something like that. Get a free site and go to town! Surely the water and the blue must symbolize something, no?


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